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Get Backers: 1x6

Get Back the Divine Melody!

A blind and prodigious violinist, named Madoka Otowa, and her guide dog, named Mozart, are bullied by a group of street thugs. Ginji arrives to save Madoka and Mozart, but they all encounter Kazuki Fuchouin, a former member of the VOLTS led by Ginji. Ginji and Madoka head to the Honky Tonk cafe, where the GetBackers are asked to retrieve a Stradivarius violin from Shunsuke Akutsu, a world-renowned violinist. They must obtain this violin no later than Madoka’s performance the following evening The GetBackers, including Paul, Hevn, and Natsumi, arrive disguised as musicians at Akutsu’s estate. Shido Fuyuki, another former member of The VOLTS now working for Akutsu, is ordered to take down the GetBackers. They plan out their next move, only to fall into Akutsu’s trap. Meanwhile, as Madoka searches the estate for her Stradivarius violin among many violins, meeting Shido who spares her. While the GetBackers are caged by Akutsu, a lion is placed inside the cage as well. Ban uses Evil Eye on the lion, to cause a diversion and escape. After splitting, Ban, Paul and Natsumi are surrounded by Shido’s army of animals. Ban uses the Evil Eye on the animals, reaching his limit, but tells Shido to continue fighting outside.

Get Backers: 1×6
Nov. 09, 2002