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Get Backers: 1x3

Operation: Recover the Platinum!

Hevn, a negotiator, tells The GetBackers of an job. They meet Haruo Ohtaki, who informs them to reclaim the box from a group called The Transporters. They, in turn, ask to have a portion of what is inside the box in order to accept the case, which was later assumed to be platinum. The GetBackers prepare to stop The Transporters, but soon engage in a high-speed pursuit. As they attempt to close in on the semi-trailer truck, Himiko Kudo, sprays a poisonous perfume on Ginji, giving him the mind of an ape for a short while. This, in turn, causes Ban to lose control, sending them off a cliff. As The GetBackers search for The Transporters, Ban recalls to Ginji about Himiko and how she got the nickname “Lady Poison”. The Transporters are then blocked by an interceptor and his gang. However, Kuroudo Akabane, kills the interceptor and his gang single-handedly. As The GetBackers catch up with The Transporters, both groups halt their vehicles in order to prepare to fight.

Get Backers: 1×3
Oct. 19, 2002