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Get Backers: 1x2

Get Back the Rusted Bonds!

Ban and Ginji are out of jobs and are starving to death. However, a homeless man, named Yamamura, gives them food as well as shelter. He later reveals that he used to be a factory owner, but his daughter, Rika Yamamura, was kidnapped, due to continuous recessions and pressure from the yakuza henchmen. Yamamura then asks Ban and Ginji to retrieve Rika from the yakuza henchmen. After the GetBackers infiltrate the mansion to save her, Rika betrays them, admitting that she has every thing she needs from the yakuza henchmen. However, the yakuza henchmen admit that they planned on taking her as well as forcing her father to sell her. Using Evil Eye, Ban causes Rika to dream of the yakuza henchmen leader killing both Ban and Ginji, but then witnesses the yakuza henchmen being burned alive. Once she wakes up, Ginji try to convince Rika to return to her father, much to their chagrin. Yamamura later suffers a fatal heart attack, which causes Ban to give him a dream in which Rika comes back for him.

Get Backers: 1×2
Oct. 12, 2002