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Crash! Shido vs. Emishi

It is revealed that the four will fight on the Grand Canyon as their battlefield. After one hit from his whip, Shido begins to seriously focus on the match with Emishi. Emishi admits that he would loses against Shido in a match, but he truly wants to fight Shido regardless, as Makubex is protecting his clan. Emishi creates an explosion of flames, yet Shido is able to save him at the last second. Shido tells Kazuki that he will take Emishi to see Gen and Ren. It is revealed that the Grand Canyon battlefield is a virtual reality room, exposing its illusion. Kazuki starts out strong using his thread technique abilities, but Juubei struggles as he fights back with his flying needles technique abilities.

Get Backers: 1×18
Feb. 08, 2003